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Our society by name of REHLAS (Rural Engineering Health and Legal Awareness Society), it is a science based organization; it was launched in 2007 at the Indian National Science Day on 28th February. By a group of people includes agriculturist, environmentalist, educators, scientist, farmers, economist, teachers and social activist,

It is impartial and not for profit, tied to no political, religious, partisan or class interests,

REHLAS Means: - There will always be innovation and learning; in which it will always be waiting for people to travel,

REHLAS takes follow as the main theory “To identify the importance areas and issues in science and technology and assemble a body of information focusing on the main currents and trends of the scientific and technologies revolution”

REHLAS to contribute science on the large, complex challenges of governance in an era of rapid and large-scale environmental and climate changes,

It holds yearly once annual general body meeting,

Three months once executive committee meeting,

Monthly once office bearers meeting,

Monthly twice core group meeting,

We call the research & development based activism, we hope we will make a difference,

Our effort is currently built around five research and development activities and seven general activities...


.......all are welcome......



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REHLAS (Rural Engineering Health and Legal Awareness Society)

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