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REHLAS (Rural Engineering Health and Legal Awareness Society):-

The REHLAS (Rural Engineering Health and Legal Awareness Society) was established in 12th June 2007 with group of various social activities including ecologist, scientist, educationist and social administrators. Mr. D.KAMALAVASAN-General Secretary is one of the initiate & key people of this society. 

It is one of the developing and pioneering organizations of India engaged in advances in Pollinators Development, Conservation of Frog Studies and Research Committee, Surface water harvesting, and many more awareness in Ecological Sciences, Science & Technology, dropout education, communicable diseases and Environmental protection.

Our main objectives are to identify the importance areas and issues in Science & Technology and assemble a body of information focusing on the main currents and trends of the Scientific and Technologic revolution. To inquire into the relationship between Science and Society, between the natural and social activities, taking up such questions as Science policy and choice of technology.

Our aim & objectives activities are carried out India only. It is also defined as eleven divisions, such as:-

  1. Forum on Natural Surface Water Resources (fonswar).
  2. Global-Insects, Invertebrates, Amphibians, and Reptiles (giiar).
  3. Committee for Basic Science, Technology and Communication Studies.
  4. Next Millennium Species Soil and Cover Management.
  5. Global Warming Striking Force (GWSF).
  6. Health towards Prevention of Communicable Diseases and AIDS.
  7. Committee for Dropout Education and Development.
  8. Rural Sports Development Club (RUSDC).
  9. Legal Protection for Homeless, Platform People and Women’s Harassment.
  10. Committee for Rural (Traditional) Handicrafts Development and Training.

Microfinance / Self Help Groups.


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REHLAS (Rural Engineering Health and Legal Awareness Society)

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