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27-02-2016 - Office Bearers Meeting   28-02-2016 - “Pollinators Decline in Biodiversity” workshop at REHLAS office on commencement National Science Day.  28-02-2016 - Executive Committee Meeting  05-03-2016 - Annual Review Meeting for Project Coordinator  08-03-2016 - “Handmade Workshop” for Rural women people  16-03-2016 - Next Year Proposal Meeting for all Committees  21-03-2016 - Survey begins “Type of Indian Frogs - Weather in Soil & Water”  22-03-2016 - “SWRFBF-2025” Review Meeting  


    1. To identify the importance areas and issues in science and technology and assemble a body of information focusing on the main currents and trends of the Scientific and Technologic revolution.
    2. To inquire into the relationship between science and society,between the natural and social science,taking up such questions as science policy and the choice of Technology.
    3. To disseminate and popularize Scientific and Techinical knowledge in imaginative ways and thus advance the scientific outlook among the broadest sections of the people in villupuram District/Tamilnadu state,Starting with the school level.To Inquire into the problems of science Education in the state and be constantly concerned with its improvement and to interest with other science groups and forum in india and abroad and study learn from their experience.
    4. To form science/social club around age group of 8 years old to 14 years old.And establish separate institutions to train teachers for science,health and legal communication.
    5. To form solar energy  program like solar photovoltaic,special area demonstration and scheme of assistance for seminars/symposia/workshop.
    6. To form implementation of technology information forecasting,assessment and data bank scheme.To program on deployement of water pumping windmills,small aerogenerator systems and hybrid systems.
    7. To popularize science and indigenous technology among the masses to stimulate scientific and technological temper among the people,and training in science and technology development,research communication,field program ,project with emphasis on specific areas.
    8. To scheme for young scientist and observe world each scientist birth and death anniversary.
    9. To form communication and popularization program of science and technology in rural,tribal,hilly areas,weaker sections,women,empowering and tribal areas.
    10. To development and cultivation of medicinal plants.
    11. To partnership with public to provide better health services to rural poor,remote areas,hily areas and expansion or up gradation of eye care units in ribal and backward rural areas.
    12. To health club in rural,tribal,hilly and remote areas for the purpose of awareness against season diseases and protection some local disease.
    13. To organize HIVIAIDS initiative control program for targeted interventions,school AIDS Education ,community  care & suoort and helpline,tele counseling care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS.
    14. To form Blood Research Center (BRC) to identify some diseases like tuberculosis and cancer rural,tribal and hilly areas.
    15. To form Mosquito Research Center (MRC) for the purpose of stop breeding of mosquitoes keep malaria,dengue and chikungunya away  for stay healthy.
    16. To estsblish,maintain and manage elementary schools,middle schools,middle schools,high schools,educational institutions both residential and non-residential function of libraries in rural villages for science and health communication.
    17. To form alternative and innovative education (AIE) to rural people.
    18. To form bridge courses/back to school camps and arrange/organize teaching learning materials.
    19. To form computer literacy & studies in schools,improvement of science education in schools.
    20. To scheme of assistance for strengthening culture and values in educating.

To form resource centres:- preparation of teaching learning and traning material for literacy programs ,action research,evalution & monitoring of literacy projects,undertaking innovative projects to identify future needs of literacy programs,to form promotional activities of hindi,mother language and English ,to form intellectual property education,research and public outreach,to form scheme of studies,seminars,evalution for implementation of education.



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